Carnival Rides

We offer a variety of amusement rides from mechanical, aquatic, inflatable or carrier rides. Providing amusement, pleasure, excitement and entertainment for children, teens and adults. Fair rides have expanded past carousel to include bungee jumping, tram carts, inflatable jumping castles / obstacle courses. The temporary equipment is setup managed and certified safe by our team of experts. We can advise on a range of options for kiddie rides to the most adventure adult activities.

Contact us about your carnival rides needs and our South African promotions company will deliver the perfect carnival ride service for your event.

Fun Fair and Amusements Rides
Carnival Rides


This is one of the popular rides at the funfair. Like a spinning top, the Trabant spins around a centralised point. It tilts to one side while spinning while providing lateral movement, sending the rider in many different directions.

Dimensions of the ride: 16m Circle
Capacity: 40 people
Suitable for: 1.2m and higher

Carnival Rides

The Ranger

This one is not for the faint-hearted! This ride is also known as the “Extreme Force”, the ride is a double arm ride. If your body can handle the Twin Ranger you can handle any other ride on a carnival. It moves in a swing motion gaining momentum until it completes a full circle.

Dimensions of the ride: 14 x 10m
Capacity: 32
Suitable for: 1.2m and higher

Carnival Rides


Untamed, mechanical chaos in its purest form is just the perfect way to describe the tornado. From the moment you enter you will start feeling adrenalin pump through your veins. It spins you around at a hectic speed whiles tilting upwards.

Dimensions of the ride: 14m circle
Capacity: 32 people
Suitable for: 1.2m and higher

Carnival Rides

The Monster

This is one of its kind in South Africa. This ride takes the shape of an octopus, with 8 arms which move up and down. This is a strikingly attractive ride that fits with many themes and is great fun for all. Each of the ride's cars spins individually while the arms they're attached to turn rise and fall.

Dimensions of the ride: 34m Circle
Capacity: 60 people
Suitable for: 1m and higher

Carnival Rides

Cup & Saucers

Great fun all day long, not only at tea time! Let your kid jump in and have a cupful of fun! When in operation, the ride spins each four cup set of vehicles while the turntable spins the entire ride base. Additionally, riders are able to spin each cup individually with a centrally located wheel.

Dimensions of the ride: 7m Circle
Capacity: 24
Suitable for: All

Carnival Rides

Bumper Cars

They are also known as dodgem cars. Dodgems are one of the best loved rides at our funfair and create a stunning centerpiece for any event. They are simply great entertainment for the family. The good news is that you do not need to worry about a licence!

Dimensions of the ride: 24 x 14m
Capacity: 40 people
Suitable for: Under 10 years of age must be accompanies by an adult

Carnival Rides

Big Swing

Takes the ordinary to extraordinary.

Dimensions of the ride: 22m Circle
Capacity: 24
Suitable for: 1.2m and higher

Carnival Rides

Kiddie Swing

Simple, well decorated and beautifully illuminated, children's kiddie swings are traditional funfair mini thrill rides. Children are securely seated in suspended chairs, and then as the ride revolves the chairs swing out.

Dimensions of the ride: 8m circle
Capacity: 16
Suitable for: Kids

Carnival Rides


THIS RIDE ROCKS!!!! The ride consists of a set of undulating arms which bear cars on the end. As the arms raise and lower from the eccentric hub, the cars are exposed to varying clockwise and counter-clockwise spins, resulting in an enjoyable intermediate thrill ride.

Dimensions of the ride: 24m Circle
Capacity: 16
Suitable for: 1.2m and higher

Carnival Rides


Made up of eight revolving rockets with flashing lights, sound effects, plus up and down movements, Robocop’s are another exhilarating, enjoyable interactive funfair ride.

Dimensions of the ride: 7m Circle
Capacity: 24
Suitable for: Kids

Carnival Rides


To give the children the thrill of riding the planes of their dreams.

Dimensions of the ride: 20m Circle
Capacity: 16
Suitable for: Kids

The following information is important as it relates to the carnival rides:

Children under the age of 11 months cannot ride any rides.
No casts.
No visible signs of a pre-existing injury
No expecting mothers
No food or drink
No bare feet
No intoxicated people.
Other important information:
Some rides require two people.
All rides have height and/or weight restrictions.
Some rides cannot operate in the rain or high winds.
Some rides may be closed for maintenance.
No refund or exchanges
For your safety it is always up to the ride operator to decide if it is safe for you to ride.

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Carnival Rides



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