Diaspora Effect

Our continent is made up of many different and interesting countries, some of which we know nothing about. In fact South Africans have a very localized opinion of Africa. Regardless of which country we are from, we do share three things in common, that being very powerful music, vibrant colours and gorgeous foods. Imagine attending your annual corporate event, and walking into a room filled with a buffet of African visuals, sounds, scents, music, clothes, foods and actors playing the parts of many of the distinguishing traditions. All components implemented within your current event program. Without a Hakuna Matata we will bring the continent of Africa to you at your standard corporate program of events.

Themed Events Package includes:

  • Invitations (printed and delivered)
  • Venue (JHB, PTA, CPT, DBN)
  • Technical
  • Costumes
  • Décor covering at least 6 African countries
  • Catering covering at least 6 African countries
  • Industrial theatre / program insert / video / sound / visual components covering all of Africa’s countries
  • Entertainment (Music)
  • Photographer
  • Parting gift
  • Onsite Supplier management
Discuss Diaspora Effect themed event with us and our events management company will assist.

Themed Events

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