Global Foot Print

In a world with depleting natural resources, corporates have the greatest role to play reducing carbon footprint, but how does a company make such drastic changes. The answer is simple, make your staff aware of your own company’s carbon footprint and then make it interesting and fun to reduce it. We have the solution, all packaged into a wonderful corporate event.

Themed Events Package includes:

  • Research on own corporate carbon usage. It is an actual preliminary assessment and data is used in presentation.
  • Bicycles for all staff to cycle to event venue (JHB, PTA, CPT, DBN)
  • Venue, either a recycling plant or a low carbon event venue
  • Presentation on own company carbon usage and examples
  • Low carbon meal and refreshment
  • Corporate carbon workshop and competition on office recycling
  • Carbon awards
  • Photographer
  • Parting gift
  • Onsite Supplier management
Discuss Diaspora Effect themed event with us and our events management company will assist.

Themed Events

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