Kitchen Duty

Themed Events

Your team, in a kitchen, preparing, cooking and then serving a 4-course meal in a real restaurant to a packed and hungry group of guests.

We take over a real restaurant for the day. Your team needs to work together to prepare food, cook and then serve a room of hungry guests. A master chef and restaurant manager will oversee the entire day. Not only does the team need to prepare a professional variety of food, they have to serve it, prep tables, give bar service, clean, and tally up the bill.

Hopefully some full bellies, but more importantly, a fun time for the entire team while they work together to offer the best service possible. Everyone knows that the hospitality industry is one of the hardest to succeed in, but also the most rewarding.

Discuss Kitchen Duty themed event with us and our events management company will assist.

Themed Events

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Kitchen Duty



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