Opulence in the Hood

Themed Events

Breaking the barrier between the hood and the life of luxury. Soweto is one of South Africa’s fastest growing economies, and an experience of opulence Hood Style is something every person who likes all that is good in life has to experience! Camps Bay is South Africa’s elite playground. What happens when Camps Bay and Soweto come together under one roof?

Guests are constantly exposed to the best parts of two worlds. Arrive in a taxi? Arrive in a limo? Taste food from a 5 star chef, or perhaps a local who makes the best chicken in the hood. Listen to Café Del Mar while sitting in a cigar lounger or in a backroom listening to Sophia Town. Take the high life and juxtapose it against the hood life.

Two events in one. An extremely fun theme for a relaxed program of events.

Discuss Opulence in the Hood themed event with us and our events management company will assist.

Themed Events

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