Permits and Safety Staff

As leading professionals in the event industry, we understand the importance of safety staff. Our South African events company is partnered with industry suppliers and can provide your event with all its safety needs. We operate countrywide and pride ourselves on our rapid response times and low pricing structures.

Having safety staff present at your event is of high importance for several reasons. Not wishing it on any event, but a lot can go wrong and result in disastrous outcomes. Safety staff is there to assure and assist your guests with safety and medical support, should there arise a need for it. This service is a necessary precaution and can also oblige health and safety standards. We can assist with Medical assistance, fire assistance, health and safety assistance, event paramedics in case of emergency as well as safety personnel to keep guest away from restricted areas, and to ensure they don’t lose control and injure themselves.

For information about safety staff for your event, send us an email. We can help.

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