Reality TV

Ever heard of undercover boss? Imagine your entire office is under the impression your company is part of a documentary on how the Eskom load shedding is effecting business in SA. However, the truth of the matter is the film crew and a number of hidden cameras are staged to record a corporate gift video of your staff trying to do their day to day routine while a number of comical corporate disasters are planned to catch the teams reaction on film, such as a run-away printer or coffee machine, or a depressed client who has found their way into the office and won’t stop crying or a staff member is arrested for not paying their E-tolls, but secretly in on the plot.

Management works closely with the producers to both stage and prepare the film and final edit.

Staff will be interviewed, filmed, and the true comical colours of colleagues will come out and presented in a grand showing of the film including popcorn and the full works.
Team Building
Package includes:

  • Film crew
  • Actors
  • Editing and production
  • Industrial theatre
  • Grand showing including venue and catering
  • Copy of film
  • Onsite Supplier manager
Discuss Reality TV team building with us and our events management company will assist.

Team Building

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Reality TV



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