Survivor Experience

This is the real deal. No watering down of this theme.

The company is taken to a remote outdoor location where colleagues have to be a team player to ensure their own survival. A series of tasks are required to be completed, added with competition with other teams. This program can be done over a 1 or 2 day package option.
Team Building
Package includes:

  • Transport, Vehicles (could be road / water or other )
  • Venue – top secret location
  • Activity 1 - Dividing into teams
  • Activity 2 - Team Flags
  • Activity 3 – Finding water
  • Activity 4 - Building a fire
  • Rest period with food activity
  • Activity 5 – Team competitions
  • Activity 6 – Tribunal and Awards
  • Accommodation Activity 7 – building a shelter (if extended 2 day package is booked)
Discuss Survivor Experience team building with us and our events management company will assist.

Team Building

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